Dreamword – better to keep the ride

Ardent now say they will demolish the ride in this release to the Australian Stock Exchange.


I see that there may be good reasons for this decision.  Perhaps those close to the victims prefer that it be demolished.  Perhaps it has no commercial future as a place where patrons could find enjoyment.

But closing the ride while keeping it basically intact for at some time would better.  The demolition could be unhelpful in regard to learning from this accident.  Losing the ability to review this situation so soon relies on the initial accident analysis being perfect.  It might be perfect but then again it might not.  Secondly even if it is perfect, a demolition removes the opportunity for anyone else to read the reports on this accident with the benefit of standing in front of the machine in question.  In terms of preventing accidents, much more would be gained by others in the amusement ride industry or broader engineering accident analysis community if they have the chance to see the machine.  I spend most of my time looking at incidents that are several years old. Still having systems in place is generally a big help.

See Speculation about accidents is helpful, it’s just not enough (e.g. Dreamworld)

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Hi, Thank you for taking a look at this blog. I work in engineering, ergonomics, creativity, design, training, etc. Often this is about helping solve legal puzzles through accident analysis. Sometimes it is about thinking up better designs for equipment, workplaces, and systems. This blog is about good design and bad design, accident analysis and how it can be done better, and how we can make a better, safer world by design!
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