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Safety nonsense

The article below about risk tells us this apparently amazing news; that “as low as” is profoundly different from “as far as”.  Wow, we’d all better get used to SFAIRP rather than ALARP.  Must sign up straight away for legal … Continue reading

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Australian Open Tennis: the day that never should have begun has been suspended

Play was suspended at around 2pm according to the Australian. The WBGT was 32C at 11am.  Now at 3:30pm it is 34C. The play should never have begun. That’s what the sports medicine guidelines say.  Consider postponement to a cooler … Continue reading

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Tennis heat rules are ineffective and out of step with safety guidance – play should stop

Andy Murray fears ‘inhumane’ heat at Australian Open could kill someone The heat policy is doing nothing.  At 11am today 16 January 2013 these are the weather conditions at the Australian Open Tennis(1): Ambient = 38 degrees C.  WBGT = … Continue reading

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Should the stock exchange listing rules include safety/accident/risk disclosures?

The Australian Stock Exchange listing rules include ‘continuous disclosure’ provisions. The general rule (3.1) is that “Once an entity is or becomes aware of any information concerning it that a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on … Continue reading

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More on safety culture: announcement to stock exchange

In the previous post it was noted that the FMG CEO was reported as saying that the culture was strong.  The reporting is correct.  Here is the statement to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) by the FMG Company Secretary. FMG … Continue reading

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Safety culture irrelevant to safety

At the FMG Christmas Creek mine in Western Australia there have been two fatalities and an amputation in three incidents in the past six months.  An absence of safety: obviously.  Safety culture problem: no, apparently not. FMG’s CEO is reported … Continue reading

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Organisational accidents – the harm of zero harm

You don’t have to go too far before running into the ‘zero harm’ in corporate safety speak.  It’s in documents, on posters and shouts at us from big signs outside factories.  Sometimes there are ‘zero harm’ pens, pads and ironically … Continue reading

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