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Hi, Thank you for taking a look at this blog. I work in engineering, ergonomics, creativity, design, training, etc. Often this is about helping solve legal puzzles through accident analysis. Sometimes it is about thinking up better designs for equipment, workplaces, and systems. This blog is about good design and bad design, accident analysis and how it can be done better, and how we can make a better, safer world by design!

Following the safety rules

Sometimes we just follow the rules.  Even if they don’t make much sense. That’s musician Gavin DeGraw below in an ice hotel who observed: “Pretty amazing place. That fire extinguisher could really come in handy around here. — at ICEHOTEL”  

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Neuroscience – something new in OHS or a new twist on an old idea?

I received the promotion below from the Safety Institute of Australia. The invitation is to the National Health & Safety Conference. The first item is Neuroscience.  Really?  At the Safety Institute conference? A promotion reads the science behind “…how workers … Continue reading

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Australian Open Tennis 2018: Money and TV still beats health and safety

Playing and working in heat is “hot topic” in the media for at least a few days every year at the Australian Open Tennis.  It affects players but also other people working and volunteering at the tennis; umpires, line umpires and children … Continue reading

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UK Rail, signals passed at danger still too high

The UK Office of Road and Rail released its annual safety report last month. Signals passed at danger was 247.  The number of signals passed at danger has remained thereabouts 250-300 for the last nine years. The relative risk is … Continue reading

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Ride on forklift crash – legal case

Verdict summary – Shane Brown v Pencon Australia Pty Ltd – S CI 2015 05568 I was involved in a case recently about a ride-on stand-up reach fork truck or more often called in Australia a forklift.  This type of … Continue reading

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Plane Crash Essendon Fields Melbourne

This morning a plane crashed into a shopping centre built near the end of an airport runway at Essendon Fields, Melbourne, Australia. This crash area was relatively recently simply a flat area of grass near the end of the runway. … Continue reading

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Dreamword – better to keep the ride

Ardent now say they will demolish the ride in this release to the Australian Stock Exchange. dreamworld-asx-statement-9-november-2016 I see that there may be good reasons for this decision.  Perhaps those close to the victims prefer that it be demolished.  Perhaps … Continue reading

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