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Construction work platform topples over causing death

The Age reports today – Builder Fined over Fatal Fall – that the builder Hansen Yuncken has been fined $475,000 after pleading guilty in the Victorian County Court. The judgement does not appear to be on the austlii website for confirmation. … Continue reading

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Dumb ways to die. The relative risks of driving, smoking, staircases, medical error and skydiving

What are the relative dangers of these things? Hours of exposure per fatality: Driving a car: 7,100,000 hours Walking on stairs: 714,000 hours Going to hospital: 60,000 hours Smoking: 60,000 hours Skydiving: 16,000 hours * Driving based on the calculations … Continue reading

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Dumb ways to die – why it won’t work

Dumb ways to die, and other motivational campaigns, are based on a belief that accidents are caused by faulty personal behavior and characteristics; naughty people.  This leads to advertising in order to convince people to self-correct their naughty behavior. However … Continue reading

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The Australian non-revolution in safety laws

The Australian non-revolution in safety laws Australia has been undergoing a non-revolution in safety law over the past few years.  It has occupied vast resources of the commonwealth and state governments and industry alike.  For what actual purpose?  Possibly very … Continue reading

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Why not focus on the upstream?

I ran across this…. Where is the developer and designer in the mix?  Where is the upstream planning? Why highlight the constructor?  What message does this send to other constructors?? Interestingly, it says that “WorkCover acknowledges that those dealing with … Continue reading

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Dumb ways to die – novel – but useless

The ‘Dumb ways to die’ is a big hit in the advertising scene winning awards at Cannes. Here are the statistics.  Where do you think the incredible advertising campaign started?  The answer is quarter 4, 2012.  There has been no … Continue reading

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The world’s most confusing stairs

Is this the most confusing design of a staircase?

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