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NBN asbestos raised in the Australian Senate two years ago (May 2011)

The problem of pulling cables through asbestos ducts was raised in the Australian Senate  two years ago.  Hansard shows that this question was asked in the  hearings on 30 May 2011 (p.104). Q: “…whether the draft regulations will make any … Continue reading

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NBN asbestos known from the start

The ABC news today tried to tell us that asbestos had been “discovered” in the NBN project.  Nonsense.  The asbestos problem was known at the start; not “discovered” this week.  The network has a mountain of asbestos and the government … Continue reading

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Will fatalities among motorcyclists eventually overtake motor vehicle drivers?

The gap seems to be closing between fatalities among motor vehicle drivers and motorcyclists.  Will they converge about about 10,000pa and then cross over?  In what year will motorcyclist fatalities exceed those of drivers? Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration … Continue reading

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