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Speed limit design the easy way – the proposal Vicroads rejected

Speed signs in urban areas are generally unnecessary, do a poor job at providing information because they are intermittent and contribute to danger via driving at the wrong limit, distraction and roadside hazards.   See post.  The design of the arrangements … Continue reading

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Why speed signs should be removed

Speed signs should be removed from most urban roads.  They are not necessary in most places, hazardous on the roadside, waste tonnes of steel and distract drivers from their main task. The design of speed signage is arranged to prove … Continue reading

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The technical mistakes in Makita and Sprowles prove why courts needed more expert evidence not less.

Makita and Sprowles Makita and Sprowles (1999 NSWSC 1239; 2001 NSWCA 305; 2002 HCATrans 274) is a case in negligence about a fall on a stair.  It is – unfortunately –cited as an instructive case on the limits to expert … Continue reading

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