Gaza conflict ten times less likely to kill you than a US hospital

US Hospitals: The risk of death from hospital admission due to error or hospital acquired infection is about 1:60,000 hours exposure.  See Is going to hospital more dangerous than smoking cigarettes?

Gaza conflict: The Gaza conflict has been ongoing for 37 days (putting aside some cease fires) having begun on 8 July 2014 with of the order of 1939 fatalities.  The Gaza population is 1.816 million.  The exposure time has been 1.2 billion hours.  The fatality rate in this conflict has therefore been 1:832,000 hours.

Being in the Gaza conflict is ten times safer than being in a hospital (actually 14 times but ten seems like a convenient figure).

If you’re in a hospital, here’s a few tips, write your name on your body with a permanent marker, write your problem on the problem part of you body (especially if you have two of them and one is good), ask “have you washed your hands since the last patient – today even?”, and check “these medicines aren’t for the person in the next bed by any chance?”.

And see if you can get the doctors to put the masks on while doing operations.




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