This is design.

Here is an example of top quality safe design engineering creativity.

Imagine changing the light bulbs on these highway lighting towers!  Engineers did imagine changing the bulbs.  And devised a way that the entire lighting assembly winds down the pole.

No crane.  No work at height.  Cheaper, safer, better.

That’s design





About John Culvenor

Hi, Thank you for taking a look at this blog. I work in engineering, ergonomics, creativity, design, training, etc. Often this is about helping solve legal puzzles through accident analysis. Sometimes it is about thinking up better designs for equipment, workplaces, and systems. This blog is about good design and bad design, accident analysis and how it can be done better, and how we can make a better, safer world by design!
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3 Responses to This is design.

  1. Hi John
    Love your work! Where was this taken? Is it likely to be picked up and acted upon (reversible windows anyone)?! Here’s hoping there is better focus on creativity and learning and less focus on the nuances of “he said” “she said” legislation! (Now I am dreaming)…

  2. Hi Richard, Thank you. The setting is the Eastern Freeway, an urban highway in Melbourne, Australia. It was constructed early 1970’s.

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