What is the NBN going to do with tonnes of asbestos?

It is a mooted Australian government objective to remove all asbestos from structures by 2030 (see Office of Asbestos Safety)(1)

Outcomes: “All asbestos safely removed from all
Government and commercial buildings by 2030″ (page1).

Telephone conduits were made of asbestos in the 1950′s and 1960′s and pits right through to the 1980′s.

There seems to be two alternatives (a) drag old cables out of asbestos pipes and drag new cables through asbestos pipes thus disturbing the asbestos or (b) replace the pipes.

Unless a large part of the newly installed NBN is to be dug up again prior to 2030 it would logically follow that plan (b) is being adopted.

So where are the tonnes – probably 100’s or 1000’s of tonnes – of asbestos pipes and pits from the NBN going?

RIMG0529 (400 x 300)

(1) National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management discussion draft (PDF, 73.1KB)

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