What’s black about a blackspot?

What’s black about a “blackspot”?  Nothing as far as I can see.  There are a few examples below about black being used to describe dangerous hazards with roads, workplaces and water.  There is nothing black about these situations.  Why not just say “bad spot” or “dangerous spot” if that is what is meant?

Black spots (Queensland Government)

Road Crash Black Spot Program (Australian Government)

Road Safety: Black Spot Program (South Australian Government)

Black Spots and Road Audits (Australasian College of Road Safety)

Water Safety Black Spots Fund (NSW Government)

Manual Handling Black Spots (NSW Government)

Accident Blackspots in England (UK Government)

Crash Blackspots (New Zealand Government)

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Hi, Thank you for taking a look at this blog. I work in engineering, ergonomics, creativity, design, training, etc. Often this is about helping solve legal puzzles through accident analysis. Sometimes it is about thinking up better designs for equipment, workplaces, and systems. This blog is about good design and bad design, accident analysis and how it can be done better, and how we can make a better, safer world by design!
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