Can the government walk the walk on asbestos plan?

Remove all asbestos from structures by 2030.  This is to be organised by a new government department: the Office of Asbestos Safety.

“Asbestos safety” seems like a strange term for a start.  But names aside, will the government be able to walk the walk on this topic?  Is it actually doing this with current projects?

Take one of the biggest for example, the NBN.  Telephone conduits were made of asbestos in the 1950’s and 1960’s and pits right through to the 1980’s.  Are these the pipes that we are now pulling cables though?  What happens when you pull a cable through an asbestos pipe?  Or are these being removed once and for all along the lines of the new plan?  I would be interested to know and it would be a good test of this new plan.

Asbestos agency to tackle ‘third wave’ risk

Government plans to eliminate asbestos hazard from Australia


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